The City and its Port

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Sestri Levante and ' one of the typical villages of the Ligurian Riviera , located at the' end of the Gulf of Tigullio, the gulf between Portofino and the Cinque Terre.

Today Sestri Levante is a very popular tourist destination for its extremely mild climate and for its picturesque landscapes . In fact , originally a fishing village , is on a small peninsula that divides the Gulf in front of it - Tigullio gulf - in two bays truly impressive : The Baia del Silenzio and the Baia delle Favole . The same , especially in the summer, they offer points of anchorage and buoys for boats.

Between the two bays and the isthmus develops the historic center , whilst the more modern occupies the plain that stretches between the sea and the hills. 's Part of the history of the village construction leudi , sailing boats Latin , which today is still a splendid specimen restored on the beach of " Balin " in the Bay of Fables .

In addition to the wonderful views , Sestri Levante also offers beaches with bathing establishments , joined by a pleasant promenade that stretches from east to west , and a beautiful reef typical of many places in Liguria .

How to get there:
Sestri Levante and ' easily accessible, either by train or motorway (A-12 Genova- Livorno); many are daily ferry connections with Portofino and the Cinque Terre , very frequent during the summer season.
Whoever reaches Sestri Levante boat , enjoying one of the most beautiful and evocative of the Ligurian Riviera approaching the village , can moor your boat in the Bay of Fables and reach the mainland in tender or aboard boats of various mooring.

P.S. some photos curtesy from Maranatha.

The Siege

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The siege of the Sestri Levante Yacht club is in the square Marinai D'Italia, in proximity of the harbour pier.

The siege, recently restructured, was semidestroyed by a fire in the April of 1991, with the loss also of good part of the documentation.

Today the reconstruction of the historical events of the Club turns out therefore entrusted to the memory of Founding Associates and city citizensi
For this we will not desist from the task to go back to the past, being looked for therefore to light bring back important events, manifestations, dates in the history of the Circle.

The pier YCLS

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The dock is part of the history of Sestri Levante to its function as a service to the industrial activity of the city. During the last war it was destroyed by bombing, as it appears in the photographs.

It was rebuilt after the war to resume its original function.

It is now used as a loading dock for the Members to their boats.
Following the order, which was renovated in 2012, as appears from the photos, concessionaires Italian Naval League and Yacht Club Sestri Levante to ensure the practicability.

The Club’s origin

On 3 Settembre 1966 the Yacht Sestri Levante Club was founded . The emeritus Founding Associates are the following ones: Ambrosioni Dott. Luciano - Dirigente Aziendale Bo Avv. Gianfrancesco - Avvocato Castelli Giuliano - Industriale Del Bono Dott. Giancarlo - Industriale Diano Giuseppe - Industriale Folchi Vici Ing. Paolo - Ingegnere Gallini Mario - Commerciante…
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