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Restaurant for Member


MSPECIAL MENU - Open from the morning with a breakfast of fresh pastries and typical focaccia Genovese. At noon and during the afternoon you can find sandwiches, salads, cold dishes as "the Ligurian stuffed with vegetables", sweets and snacks. Tasty snacks with refreshments.

The menu includes simple recipes of Ligurian tradition. Particular attention to the freshness of the ingredients used. The specialties are dishes of fish (catch of the day). And every day depending on the daily fish recipes from the chef's imagination and experience.


Sport Activities


The club contributes to the diffusion, knowledge and practice of sailing, boating, sport fishing and underwater sports, which is why the sports section has always been very active and our Club is well recognized in the Tigullio for various water sports.

The Club offers, through its member, Francesco Furno, quality service and complete to those who wish to immerse themselves in the spectacular sites of the marine reserve of Portofino and the many shipwrecks along the coast of Sestri Levante.
The reality of YCSL can meet the demands of the most passionate divers, novices and experts, who want to experience something extremely personal underwater, away from the crowds, or who prefer to immerse themselves (with guidance), or with small groups formed by 3 or 4 persons.

Fishing activities: The Club is associated with Fishing Tigullio Association and organizes every year a number of events that are listed on the calendar of events online on our site.


Library for Members


In our Club there is a little library with books donated ny Membres. These books can be borrowed by any member . after registration in the secretary.

Club house

yacht-club-sestri-levante-clubhouseIn anticipation of the dark and cold winter periods, we have created a 'warm and comfortable to hang out in our club, restoring and expanding the room dedicated to the Members.

For those who want to use your tablet or android can surf the internet using the new Wi-Fi now available for members only. Even for navigation wi-fi is necessary to require a password on the answering machine. Also a big thanks to our manager Andrea, who has two televisions installed in the system CLUB in the Sky, to enjoy watching games, sports news and more.

Library for Members

yacht-club-sestri-levante-libreriaIn our Club there is a little library with books donated ny Membres. These books can be borrowed by any member . after registration in the secretary.

Charitable activities - Giacomo Ascoli e AISM

The Fondazione Giacomo Ascoli was incorporated on May 2, 2006 in honor and memory of James Ascoli. Giacomo was a brave child whose will to live has always prevailed, despite illness.

AISM-Associazione-iIaliana-Sclerosi-MultiplaThe mission of the Foundation:

  • The quality of life of children suffering from haematological cancers diseases and their families;
  • Scientific research for the study and treatment of lymphomas in children.

We ask:

  • The moral and economic support of the people who share our mission.


AISM Multiple Sclerosis Association iIaliana

Reference point for 54,000 people with multiple sclerosis and their families is AISM. Non-profit organization of social utility, which for 40 years all over the Italian territory, the association strongly believes that people affected by the disease have the right to a good quality of life and full social integration. With professionalism and authority, working for the promotion and funding of scientific research, promotion and the provision of services at national and local level, the representation and the affirmation of rights so that people with multiple sclerosis are fully participatory and autonomous.

With national headquarters in Genoa, it counts 145 between provincial Sections and Operating Groups.
Aism offers throughout the country Social and Health Services, support and guidance through direct contact with specialized professionals, a hotline (800.80.30.28) which meets a team of experts, an institutional website ( .
The Genoa Provincial Section, Tel 010.4695886 and its Operational Group of Tigullio (Chiavari) tel 0185.313794, argues in everyday life for people with MS and their families.

Special agreements


Discounts and promotions for FIV.

The Italian Sailing Federation offers to all its members a number of opportunities for their purchases.



Nicolò Gandolfo with Ms. Syusy Blady

Visit of "Sailors to the event"

On September 21, 2011 we had the pleasure of receiving the Lady Syusy Blady, star of the TV series "Sailors for the case", in the company of the Representative of the Province of Genoa for Tourism, Massimo D'Arrigo. With a team of operators have carried out the shooting, that have been posted on the Website of the Province under the heading portolano video.