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XV San Giorgio Trophy (2015)

Last Saturday, October 24 we were able to make the long-awaited race after the second postponement of the September 13, we had fear of not being able to compete for an unfavorable weather conditions (no wind), however with the right choice of the judges preferred the path 1 and coinciding arrival of a thermal wind,…
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XII Tre Golfi Trophy (2015)

Saturday, May 23, 2015 Finally the wind gave us a great race making us happy is the organizing committee that the sailors. The start was given at 11:00 am and the choice of the judges to go first to the fish tanks was detected apt as the wind allowed the boats to do the entire…
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XXV Bo Cup (2015)

Saturday, April 11th, 2015 ns Circle has organized the regatta entitled "XXV ^ Bo Cup". They were admitted to this first race 15 sailing boats in the IRC classes, ORC and Libera (divided into homogeneous groupings as provided by law). The race was held on a coastal path of about 12 miles in the stretch…
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