XXIV Coppa Bo (2014)

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Sunday, April 13 was held the first regatta organized by our club open to IRC classes, ORC and Libera. Participation was heard by our friends of the sail with 10 boats showed up at the starting line. Unfortunately the lack of wind has penalized a little ns friends who have had to wait until 12:40 to get the start in the race.

It 'was just one path around until the "Aqua culture" of Blackboard and the first to arrive with a time of 1 hour and 47 min. was the boat of Gale Air Franco Salmoiraghi, followed after three minutes from El Chico by Daniel Sheets, third place in the IRC class is Dajenu of Mark Cohen. In the Open class stands out the presence of a new entry among our friends of sailing: Falco, Adelaide Giromella, who took first place, beating on Sansegal compensation, of M.Angela Rivanera, to which it is assigned BO Cup first arrived in real time in the class with the most participants.

We thank the Family BO for participating in the award ceremony.
We thank the Municipality of Sestri Levante for the promotion and support to the ns. institution. Moreover thanks to the patronage of the Liguria Region and the Province of Genoa.

A warm thank you to our partner and friend Diego companion for offering some beautiful items of Musto who are always well appreciated by the crews who accept with enthusiasm our drawings. Thanks again to the socio Luigi La Spina who lent his boat which was utlizzata as the Race Committee boat, which allowed to depart from the sea.
It also thanked the WD-40, which gave the participants the famous and indispensable multi-use spray cans.

At last but not least a strong thanks to all the owners who participate fedelemente always with warmth and sympathy to our events.

In the picture: Franco Salmoiraghi owner of Aria di Burrasca