XIII San Giorgio Trophy (2013)

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Sunday, September 15 has completed the race in the thirteenth edition of the Trofeo di San Giorgio July 6 canceled due to lack of wind. Unfortunately the Weather alert issued for Monday has caused a defection of arrivals at the starting line , limiting participants from 16 to only 8 boats brave captains and their crews .

The path has been placed along the coast between Sestri and Moneglia. At 11:00 am there was the departure under a heavy downpour but with moderate wind. After a ' now the rain has given way to strong winds with gusts of 26/28 knots and rough sea ; 4 boats have preferred a withdrawal from the race for damage to sails and those who precaution.

While 4 Captains Courageous continued in the storm ... moderate ... making the race unscathed ! Attached are tables with the data of the participants and times. The award ceremony took place at 16.00 with the participation of all the owners and crews .

St. George the Trophy was awarded to the Shipowner Paul Montedonico with the boat Montpres , first arrived in the class with the most participants . The competitors were thankful for prizes and gifts from sponsors and the Yacht Club Sestri Levante.