XI Tre Golfi Trophy (2014)

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Saturday, May 24 we spent a beautiful day dedicated to sailing, wind and the sun has finally given to ns. friends of sailing a good race, a good libeccio allowed to complete all the way up to the buoy and back of Moneglia.

The participation of 18 boats was very heartfelt and very excited us.
A special thank you to turn to the President and his entire Staff of the Yacht Club Chiavari , who has permission to make a combination with the racing Trophy Lions Club of 17 May and the Three Gulfs Regatta.

Both events were dedicated to two charitable associations.
Pot Lions Club Chiavari Castle is designed to fund and support the projects of the Fondazione Antonio Morando Chiavari.
Pot Three Gulf, as usual, organized to support
l ' Multiple Sclerosis Association, Section of Tigullio.

But now we come to the stages of the race.

The day has little cover, the start was given at 11 o'clock as scheduled.
The first to cross the finish line with a real-time 1h 31 'and 43 ", was ITACENDUE, a beautiful FY 61 Shipowner Adriano Calvini, who was awarded the Trophy of the Three Gulfs, for the first boat arrived in time absolute.
In the ORC class, win the boat of Luke Clavarino, Amelie, who also won first place in the combined.
In IRC Class, wins the vessel Giuseppe Tadini, Baciottihno, they also won the combined.
FREE in the standings, stand Ochin de Ma (LWL from .6 m to 9) and Rosa di Mare (LWL from m. 9.1 and above).
Win the combined: Pink Sea and Sansegal.

For more details on the times and more, please see the attachments.