IX YCSL Trophy (2014)

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With the Trofeo YCSL, ended, Saturday, Oct. 25, the last of the Yacht Club regatta for the season 2014. This edition reached the ninth consecutive year, he has had the participation of the following boats (in alphabetical order):

  • Air Gale Franco Salmoiraghi
  • Digestimola LNI Sestri Levante
  • El Chico by Daniel Sheets
  • Jolifun Graziano Castagnola
  • Free Sailing Yacht Italy
  • Meltemi Gabriel Figoli
  • Montpres Paul Montednico
  • Osar Alberto Andreol

Wind weather conditions (absent) were delayed by about 40 minutes the time of departure was fixed at 11.00.
The calm sea and a warm sun, with a 21 ° temperature, accompanied the fleet on a coastal path to Punta Moneglia. Unfortunately, a weak wind from the 1.2 knots made you decide to Judge Mills to reduce the path from the initial 15 miles to 8.2 miles and take arrivals Punta Manara gate, allowing all to conclude the test vessels.

First come Absolute Air Gale, (pictured).

We thank all the owners and crews who took part in our races and we hope to see each other again next year to ns. events to pass beautiful days filled with sports and entertainment.

A warm thank you to the judges: puppy, Henry and Savior who assisted us before and during the races.