XXV Bo Cup (2015)

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Saturday, April 11th, 2015 ns Circle has organized the regatta entitled "XXV ^ Bo Cup". They were admitted to this first race 15 sailing boats in the IRC classes, ORC and Libera (divided into homogeneous groupings as provided by law).
The race was held on a coastal path of about 12 miles in the stretch of water between Sestri Levante and Moneglia.
The boats are regularly completed 15 but 14 arrived, unfortunately Walchiria had problems and had to retire.
First come ever with the award of the Trophy Cup at Bo 'vessel Far Lorenzo Mondo Star, from the circle of San Bartolomeo al Mare, new friend of our Club.
A challenge between Air Gale and Baciottinho, despite the first to pass the mark is Tadini, in the ranking of the corrected time won first place in IRC Class Salmoiraghi.
we can also mention a good time to JBES and Sansegal enrolled both in the Open Class.

On behalf of the Executive Committee's best wishes for this season where Owners and Crews will confront loyal spirit of sport and fairness, respecting opponents and the organization that organizes numerous efforts with our events and hope to see you in participation as early as this first race.

In the picture the winner of Bo Cup 2015: World Lorenzo, Far Star.