XV San Giorgio Trophy (2015)

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Last Saturday, October 24 we were able to make the long-awaited race after the second postponement of the September 13, we had fear of not being able to compete for an unfavorable weather conditions (no wind), however with the right choice of the judges preferred the path 1 and coinciding arrival of a thermal wind, at 11 we were able to make a smooth start, and all the boats accompanied by a sun and a fantastic sea, have performed around the coastal path to Punta Baffe and back to Sestri Levante.

The first to cross the finish line with a time of 1 hour and 42 minutes, the boat Stupefy 3 who won the 15th San Giorgio Trophy and also the first place in IRC Class. In the class ORC took first place Air Gale.
In the Open Class, the first Hard Rock with a time of 2 hours. See the attached charts.

The President addressed a heartfelt thank all the owners and especially the crew that without their contribution we could not do the races.
A big thank you to the judges, Salvatore, Henry and puppy always present at our events, with good and bad weather.
Dear friends, we wish you a good continuation and see you soon.
Erratum in the IRC, was inserted erronemente Time on time standings, while the right one is the Time on Distance, for so the second place belongs to the owner Daniele leaves with El Chico.