XII Tre Golfi Trophy (2015)

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Finally the wind gave us a great race making us happy is the organizing committee that the sailors.
The start was given at 11:00 am and the choice of the judges to go first to the fish tanks was detected apt as the wind allowed the boats to do the entire route as instructed, get to the tip and back to Moneglia Sestri Levante, through the gates of Punta Manara.

The first to cross the finish line is the Felcini owner's boat, Captains 3, with a real time of 2 hours and 18 minutes over a distance of about 15 miles, winning over the Trophy of the Three Gulfs, a beautiful cup donated by the town of Sestri Levante, also the first position in the ORC Class beating Baciottinho and Air Gale.

In the IRC class wins El Chico, Daniel Sheets, followed by Corto Maltese Massimo Bonfante, Falco Adelaide Giromella and Giannin Peter Supparo.
We also want to give a merit to the classes of the Free: cite Wolly B Mario Podesta, Jonathan Livingstone Giorgio Diana and Osar Alberto Andreol.
The award ceremony was held at the headquarters of our club, with the participation of Anna Maria, Elisa and Patrizia, Voluntary Association for Multiple Sclerosis Section of AISM Tigullio.

We want to thank everyone from Race Judges, the rowers, institutions, friends, because with your own commitment, participation and Vs Vs contributions allow us to continue our mission to promote sailing in our Sea.

Attached charts: