The Club’s origin

On 3 Settembre 1966 the Yacht Sestri Levante Club was founded .
The emeritus Founding Associates are the following ones:

  • Ambrosioni Dott. Luciano - Dirigente Aziendale
  • Bo Avv. Gianfrancesco - Avvocato
  • Castelli Giuliano - Industriale
  • Del Bono Dott. Giancarlo - Industriale
  • Diano Giuseppe - Industriale
  • Folchi Vici Ing. Paolo - Ingegnere
  • Gallini Mario - Commerciante
  • Masi Claudio Maria - Agente Pubblicitario
  • Minetto Renato - Industriale
  • Piaggio Ing. Gian Marco - Industriale
  • Razzetta Ing. Lino - Dirigente Aziendale

The action of Notary public Dr. Ottavio Ferrando, recorded on 14 the successive one to N. 809 of the Vol.90, so recites:

“The scope persecuted by the Y.C.S.L., like from Charter, is the following : Without any scope of profit it diffuse and increase the yachting, the organization and the sponsorship of regattas and national and international cruises, the Italian participation of Yachts to regattas and cruises abroad, the instruction of the young people in the sailing sport and sport fishing, let alone the perseguimento of facilities from National and Foreign Authorities to the aim to encourage the Yachting.”

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