• XV San Giorgio Trophy (2015)

    XV San Giorgio Trophy (2015)

    Last Saturday, October 24 we were able to make the long-awaited race after the second postponement of the September 13,…

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  • XII Tre Golfi Trophy (2015)

    XII Tre Golfi Trophy (2015)

    Saturday, May 23, 2015 Finally the wind gave us a great race making us happy is the organizing committee that…

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  • XXV Bo Cup (2015)

    XXV Bo Cup (2015)

    Saturday, April 11th, 2015 ns Circle has organized the regatta entitled "XXV ^ Bo Cup". They were admitted to this…

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  • IX YCSL Trophy (2014)

    IX YCSL Trophy (2014)

    With the Trofeo YCSL, ended, Saturday, Oct. 25, the last of the Yacht Club regatta for the season 2014. This…

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  • XIV San Giorgio Trophy (2014)

    XIV San Giorgio Trophy (2014)

    Saturday, July 5 ended the fourteenth ^ Regata of St. George's Trophy. Despite the uncertain weather, the start was adjusted…

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  • XI Tre Golfi Trophy (2014)

    XI Tre Golfi Trophy (2014)

    Saturday, May 24 we spent a beautiful day dedicated to sailing, wind and the sun has finally given to ns.…

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  • XXIV Coppa Bo (2014)

    XXIV Coppa Bo (2014)

    Sunday, April 13 was held the first regatta organized by our club open to IRC classes, ORC and Libera. Participation…

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  • VIII YCSL Trophy (2013)

    VIII YCSL Trophy (2013)

    Sunday, October 27 ended the last race of the 2013 season, entitled VIII YCSL Trophy, the race was open to…

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  • Giacomo Ascoli 2013

    Giacomo Ascoli 2013

    Also this year the Foundation Giacomo Ascoli Varese organized the sailing charity event that took place in the Gulf of…

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  • Portsmouth (september 2013)

    Portsmouth (september 2013)

    The President participated in a regatta organized in Portsmouth in September. The burgee of the YCSL was donated to the…

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  • XIII San Giorgio Trophy (2013)

    XIII San Giorgio Trophy (2013)

    Sunday, September 15 has completed the race in the thirteenth edition of the Trofeo di San Giorgio July 6 canceled…

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  • X Tre Golfi Trophy (2013)

    X Tre Golfi Trophy (2013)

    Saturday, June 8 has successfully completed the tenth edition of the Trofeo Three Gulfs who took part in 12 boats…

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  • XXIII Bo Cup (2013)

    XXIII Bo Cup (2013)

    Sunday, April 21 ended with some success our XXIII edition of the Cup Bo. The day was very positive and…

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  • VII YCSL Trophy (2012)

    VII YCSL Trophy (2012)

    Saturday, November 24, 2012 took place in the Autumn Regatta organized by the Yacht Club of Sestri Levante for the…

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  • Giacomo Ascoli 2012

    Giacomo Ascoli 2012

    The Fondazione Giacomo Ascoli Varese organized the sixth sailing event which took place in the Gulf of Tigullio. Our Club…

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  • IX Tre Golfi Trophy (2012)

    IX Tre Golfi Trophy (2012)

    On September 9, 2012, the Yacht Club Sestri Levante , with the patronage of the Province of Genoa , Liguria…

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  • XII San Giorgio Trophy (2012)

    XII San Giorgio Trophy (2012)

    On days 7 and 8 July 2012, the Yacht Club has organized the sail Sestri Levante coast to offshore sailing…

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  • XXII Bo Cup (2012)

    XXII Bo Cup (2012)

    Sunday, June 10, 2012 Sestri Levante Yacht Club organized the coastal sailing offshore sailing referred to as BO Cup XXII.…

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  • XII Mario and Enrico Ghio Memorial 2011

    XII Mario and Enrico Ghio Memorial 2011

    Sunday, October 16, 2011 Sestri Levante Yacht Club organized the Coastal race for offshore sailing XII Memorial named Mario and…

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